Individual development plan
Mentorship scenarios
Mentorship checklist
In our qualitative study, we found that some mentors used a checklist during an initial meeting to ensure that all important issues were addressed. We and others have discovered that a mentorship checklist is useful, both at the initial meeting and at subsequent meetings. It is particularly useful in reminding mentors to consider all aspects of their mentee’s career development and work/life balance, helping mentees reflect on the equilibrium (or lack thereof!) between their work and personal life.
2012 survey of international colleagues
Our 2012 survey of international colleagues who have been recognized by their peers as being excellent mentors. We identified 271 colleagues from various academic settings around the world who have been active in various career pathways and have some expertise as a mentor. We invited them to complete a survey, either electronically or via phone interview, and to share their thoughts on targets for effective mentorship, tips for achieving these targets, potential mentorship problems, and strategies for overcoming these problems. Forty-five colleagues responded to our request and we have incorporated their anonymized responses in the book. We have posted the survey and we invite readers to take a few minutes to review it and share their answers to the survey with us.
An approach to a contract with a mentor/mentee

Mentorship programs and external resources